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Aloha! Please feel free to browse our website for helpful mortgage information and to take advantage of our free mortgage calculator! We have taken special care and consideration to provide you with a wealth of knowledge about the mortgage and real estate process but we understand that each person and situation is different. We would love for you to call us at any time so that we can custom tailor the mortgage solution that is best for you!

What Our Clients Say

  • HME helped me get a lower rate and put in more effort than my current lender (local bank) in helping to streamline the process for my particular situation. Tony provided me with excellent service!

    Alan L.

  • Very satisfied with Vincent and the outcome of my refinancing. This experience was by far the easiest of my 4 VA loans I have done. From initial meeting to signing of my loan docs – everything was SMOOTH.

    Philip D.

  • Working with Vincent Arquinez at HME was an amazing experience. It had been almost ten years since we had purchased a home, and the previous purchase had been financed through a developer's recommended lender. Throughout the entire process Vincent and his team were engaging, communicative, professional, timely, and made sure that we were prepared with all the information and corroborating documents even before we needed them in order to speed the process along. I would and have recommended Vincent to friends and family. Overall a great experience that exceeded my expectations!!!

    Kiera V.

  • I was referred to Vince a little over two weeks prior to closing. He was able to get all of my paperwork switched over and a bigger credit than the previous lender I was working with. I ended up not paying anything out of pocket at closing!

    Samantha W.

  • Vincent did a great job, refinancing was very smooth. I was very satisfied with Vincent and I look forward to doing more business with him in the future!

    Michael N.

  • Vincent was wonderful! He explained the escrow process to me every step of the way and always kept me in the loop with what was happening. He was very easy to reach and very helpful.

    Maria H.

  • I’m very satisfied with the overall process. I’VE NEVER WORKED WITH ANYONE BETTER THAN VINCENT. CLONE HIM!

    Clifford M.

  • Tony and Troy worked very hard to push this mortgage through. Between the complexity of our property situation, and the stringent qualifying hurdles in today’s refinance market, it was a serious struggle to succeed in getting finished. HME was there for us at every turn of events. I couldn't have made it without their tireless and cheerful efforts.

    Charlies R.

  • My case was very complicated. Although I was awarded the house in my divorce settlement, my ex-husband refused to quitclaim the property to me so I had to take him back to court. As a result, my first appraisal and termite inspection expired. I was ready to give up many times because it felt like I would never be done. Tony encouraged me constantly and believed that we could get it done. I am very satisfied with my experience working with Tony. He provided excellent service!

    Debra W.

  • Excellent experience! Just provided documents and Steve did the rest. He was personal, honest, and competent.

    Antonio T.

  • Sherri was very professional in regard to explaining the terms and conditions of the contract. She broke down my options and monthly payments. We received excellent service from Sherri!

    Liang Y.

  • Sherri was so helpful in our whole buying process. She kept us updated and was quick to respond to any questions we had along the way. I am very satisfied with our experience working with Sherri.

    Shelly C.

  • Sherri went above and beyond to secure the best possible loan for me and my family's new home. She was always professional, understood my needs and addressed my concerns. I will continue to recommend Sherri to anyone in need of a mortgage.

    Nephi C.

  • Sherri made the entire process very easy for me to follow and was always there to answer my questions. I will be recommending her to my friends and family!

    George H.

  • Sean always made sure our questions were answered and addressed our concerns in a professional manner. He was very instrumental in helping us secure the loan and kept us updated at all times on the approval process.

    Theone T.

  • Best and smooth refinance I’ve ever done. I highly recommend to all Veterans, families and friends who are doing or seeking to refinance. Sean did a great job in making sure that everything was perfect. I was able to see well at night.

    Hans T.

  • When we finally got the VA to finance us, we thought we were finished with refinancing. Keith helped us to make our payment even lower than it was!

    Louis S.

  • Keith and his partners were extraordinary throughout our loan process. They were accessible, comfortable and very easy to work with.

    Rhoweniefel M.

  • Keith was very helpful, understanding, and patient with us. We will definitely recommend Keith to our family and friends!

    James S.

  • I am constantly impressed with Karyn Kaina's professionalism and positive attitude in walking us through the process. I highly recommend Karyn to everyone I know!!! Mahalo!

    Marty O.

  • Karyn was the "ultimate" professional! She was always in contact with us, letting us know what was happening and if we needed to do anything on our side. We consider her as "ohana". It has been our pleasure working with her and we hope to keep in touch in the years to come. Mahalo Karyn for all that you've done for us!

    Collin & Pam S.

  • Jordan was very hardworking and helpful in all phases of the loan process. I am very satisfied with my overall experience!

    Gary C.

  • Jordan provided excellent service to us. We will be recommending him to our friends and family!

    Melvin D.

  • Our experience with Mr. Pickett was a great one. His knowledge of the VA loan system is amazing and made us feel at ease during the entire process.

    Carlos D.

  • Working with my loan advisor Joe for the past couple of years has significantly contributed to my family’s financial readiness and has always met our needs.

    Jorge V.

  • The service was excellent and processing was quick, that made me and my wife satisfied. All the questions that we had were answered so quickly. We will be recommending Jessica to our friends and family!

    Leonardo L.

  • I received excellent service from Jessica—she did a really good job!

    Gary D.

  • My financing needs were a little unusual in that I wanted to pay off my deceased husband’s loan with BOA, pay down the balance and finance the rest in a loan of my own. Jacob provided me with excellent service and I’m very satisfied with my experience!

    Lorell P.

  • I received excellent service from Jacob. We are very satisfied with our experience and will be recommending Jacob to our friends and family!

    Christy-Ann J.

  • Jacob was great and very serving. Jacob knew and understood the needs of my wife and me and did everything he could to make the purchase of our home happen.

    Bernard L.

  • The assistance that Jacob provided did not end when we first got the VA Loan to purchase our house. He contacted us when the mortgage interest was favorably low for us and we did not have to worry about all the paperwork. He took care of us and the process was very smooth. He's the consummate loan officer! Thanks, Jacob for helping us save some money again!

    Rebecca S.

  • Everything in this mortgage buying process with Jacob was excellent!! Jacob’s experience in this biz made everything for us as first-time home buyers go so smooth, we even closed early! I will definitely be recommending Jacob to my friends and family for future mortgage needs. Thank you very much Jacob Ordenstein and the rest of HME that made this happen, YOU GUYS ROCK!!!

    Henry C.

  • I am very satisfied with my experience working with Gerald. He provided excellent service and I will be recommending him to my friends and family members!

    Daniel L.

  • Gerald’s service was excellent. He provided me with daily updates and informed me of each step during the process. I will be recommending him to my friends and family!

    Sam C.

  • Gerald is an expert in his field. He is courteous, efficient, patient, professional and tenacious.

    Ann M.

  • George worked tirelessly for us. He went out of his way to assure docs got to us in an expedient manner, even meeting at locations that were conveniently close to my work place. He kept us in the loop always via phone, email and texts.

    Dale B.

  • George kept us updated and informed which we really appreciated! My sister and I were so very grateful that George remained with us and, especially, "educated" us on and thru the process. We feel, because of his example, HME is professional, reputable and a company we comfortably and confidently trust.

    Rochelle U.

  • I am very satisfied with my experience working with George.

    Alvin P.

  • I received excellent service from George! I will be recommending him to friends and family.

    Roland M.

  • Couldn’t believe how fast the process was. For the most part, very smooth transaction. We are very satisfied with our overall experience!

    Delphine P.

  • Dawn was friendly, personable, and flexible. I’m very satisfied with my experience working with Dawn!

    Adams A.

  • I am very satisfied with my loan officer, Dawn, and her team. They were very accommodating with our loan status and answers when asked. I will be recommending Dawn to my family and friends!

    Raymond D.

  • I was kept informed by Daniel and his team all the way through the process. I was provided with excellent service and will be recommending Daniel to my friends and family.

    Barbara B.

  • I was pleased with the service and how quickly we were provided with information on our loan. We thank you for that. Mahalo!

    Joel S.

  • Working with Brian has been a very great experience for my family and me. I live in California and for Brian to work with me to help our mom out has been amazing. I would recommend him and HME to anyone who may need a home loan or just a refinance. Brian was helpful in so many ways and I would not change it for anything. Mahalo Ka Kou Brian!

    Lucille B.

  • It always felt like Brian was on our side. He constantly had our best interest in mind throughout the process and provided excellent service!

    Lisa H.

  • Brian made the whole process from start to finish very easy. He was always there to answer any questions I had. I was very happy with his service.

    Noa M.

  • Brant was excellent in handling our loan package and was a great pleasure to work with him. We will be recommending Brant to our friends and family! Much mahalo Brant!!

    Durwin T.

  • I am very satisfied and glad that I utilized HME, and I will definitely use HME in the future should I do any refinancing or purchase of another home. I will be recommending Brant to my friends and family!

    Eugene O.

  • Brant did a great job and kept us informed throughout the tough qualifying process. I would recommend him if you're in need of a new mortgage or refinancing.

    Nolan P.

  • We received excellent service from Anna. We will be recommending her to our friends and family!

    Kawailani T.

  • Ashley you’re the best! Very professional--thanks a lot for your help!

    Joseph S.

  • Ash Colter has assisted us with several home purchases as well as refinancing the mortgages; he has always been there for us without any hesitation. Ash goes above and beyond taking care of his clients. I will continue to have Ash handle my home purchase and highly recommend him to anybody getting ready to buy a home/property or refinance.

    Thomas H.

  • Ash Colter made refinancing my VA loan a painless experience. He quickly answered all my questions and assisted me in getting problems resolved with my former mortgage company. Ash is a true professional.

    Stoughton F.

  • Ash's experience as a loan officer was obvious! He was efficient, succinct, and definitely had our best interest at heart. He made the process very easy and streamlined all of our involvement; minimizing the time it took us to complete loan application forms. He was ethical and was not at all resistant to the idea of our comparing of his product to that of a competitor. We highly recommend Ashley Colter and are confident that anyone who works with him will be similarly impressed.

    Bridget H.

  • Dealing with a local agent like you really went fast and smooth. You did all the work and we only signed. No faxing. That was the fastest loan closing we ever experience and without any hassle compared to the other six we went through the mainland.

    Karen P.

  • We received excellent service from Ash. This was a pleasant experience, working with you guys.

    William N.

  • Ash was very helpful in explaining any questions that we had throughout the process. He additionally was very expedient and we believe provided us with solid expectations. We are very satisfied!

    Teresa M.

  • Since contacting Mr. Colter, he explained the process to us and had made it simple and easy to accomplish with minimal time. The process took less time than estimated due to his efforts and our documentation completeness. He always informed us of the status every step of the way. Outstanding service and professionalism!

    Lawrence A.