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Aloha! Please feel free to browse our website for helpful mortgage information and to take advantage of our free mortgage calculator! We have taken special care and consideration to provide you with a wealth of knowledge about the mortgage and real estate process but we understand that each person and situation is different. We would love for you to call us at any time so that we can custom tailor the mortgage solution that is best for you!

  • Greetings!   My Wife and I were both elated when we had won the bid for the Nob Hill house. However, we felt as if we were left to mercy and chance when we were faced with the escrow and closing process. We did not know who to turn to as our former loan officer denied us service when learning about the late occupancy. After inferring with Rustan of Tongg Associates, we were pointed into the direction of Joe Pickett and HME.   After a lengthy process, we came through and are now proud owners of a town house! We are excited about our future and move forward with some peace of mind. This could not have been possible without the tireless efforts of Joe Pickett and HME.   There were some delays, but ultimately, Joe and his team came through for us, and displayed professionalism, diligence, and a cordial ethic from our initialization and throughout - to the post process. Joe and HME have been stalwarts as they championed the escrow and closing process on time and promptly. We would recommend HME to any new home buyers who are looking for levity and guidance. Thank you for your great service and much Mahalo.    

    Gavin & Lindsay V.

  • Joe and his team took their time answering my numerous questions and never once lead me to believe anything that was not factual. I am overly joyed with the work and care that was put input assisting secure my first house. MAHALO!

    Ray O.

  • I believe Joe helped us w/ our transaction and without his support, the process would have been much slower and tedious. He helped to walk us through every step and provide individual service. We were treated as important clients who's patronage was very important to Joe and his company. We definitely received personal attention from Joe and his services.

    Steve C.

  • Our loan advisor Joe Pickett was great and very helpful. Also patient with all our questions regarding the refinance! I would recommend him to any of my friends looking to refinance their home!

    Judy R.

  • Ryan would call to touch Basis and let us know exactly where we were with the loan process. We appreciated this!


  • Ryan is AWESOME. His response time and answers to my questions were always SPOT ON.

    John W.

  • Ryan made this process very easy to understand Mahalo Ryan!! The T Family☺

    Vasati T.

  • Although working with Gerald between different islands, it was, nevertheless, a very efficient and near-seamless experience. This was the first time meeting him (over the Internet and our phone) but he immediately came across as someone my husband and I felt we could trust. And, that was the most important aspect of this whole mortgage refinancing experience--that we can honestly say that Gerald was someone we could trust and rely on to help us with our mortgage refinancing even without meeting him face-to-face. My husband and I are very "old school" in that important transactions like mortgages were always dealt with "in person" because it is important for us to SEE who we will be entrusting VERY critical and private information with. Gerald's personality is such that his character comes through just by conversing with him. He is honest and direct but sensitive enough to know when to carefully ask about personal matters important to understanding the needs of his client(s).  He will "fight" for his client as best as he can and always has the best interest of the client at hand. We would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone in need of mortgages and the like. We are sincerely thankful for all the help that he provided to us.

    Mae K.

  • I have refinanced three times with Jessica Magee and have been extremely satisfied every time. She goes the extra mile to let you know she personally is looking out for your best interest. She is very knowledgeable and always has or finds the answer to any questions asked. Jessica is the best and I will definitely refinance with her again.


  • Troy gave me all the information I asked and more. He made me feel comfortable, and I am happy about my refinance.

    Adam W.

  • Our overall experience was nothing less than exceptional from the beginning to the end. Troy Kimberlin, our Loan Specialist, was there for us every step of the way! We would definitely recommend him to our family and friends! Thanks Troy! Aloha!

    Rogelio R.

  • None better! From start to finish Sean Ryan and Derek Kamm provided outstanding customer service and attention to detail. Their knowledge of the competitive marketplace and the nuances of the VA Loan system allowed us to find the best home that fit within out budget. Thank you Sean and Derek for excellent service!

    Chris G.

  • My husband and I are Very Grateful to Sean Ryan for doing his very best to get the Very best loan we could get. Thank You!!!

    Torie G.

  • I am very satisfied of the high quality of service Brian Monroe has provided. He has helped me so much during the mortgage process of purchasing my new home. At first I was dealing with multiple lenders because of my loan situation and I was very stressed out and worried that I may not be able to purchase my new home, but switching over to HME and working with Brian changed all that. Brian was quick to respond to any of my questions, emails, and calls. He made sure that I was well taken care and he looked out for my best interests. Without a doubt, my experience with Brian and the HME team was awesome and I would definetly recommend him to others. Thanks.

    Christian M.

  • Anna walked me through the entire process of refinancing my home. It was daunting at times, but she was always available to answer my questions.

    David B.

  • Ryan would call to touch Basis and let us know exactly where we were with the loan process. We appreciated this.


  • Jacob was extremely helpful with our 2nd home purchase. He was very professional and worked in a timely manner. He communicated with us very well and always answered our questions. We highly recommend Jacob and HME to our family and friends.

    Jennifer M.

  • Tony & his team are very professional and accurate with my VA refinance, I would recommend them to any home owner who needs help with their mortgage. Thank you so much Tony & your team.

    Ferila P.

  • Jessica was very proactive to ensure all external requirements were addressed on my behalf. I only wanted to deal with one person/entity and Jessica was the one.

    Brian A.

  • In the first place I'm afraid because maybe I cannot afford my mortgage but excited to have my own house ,but because of the help of my loan officer and my realtor .My dreams comes true . They are really great and they are easily to approached when I need to know something and they explain very well.

    Josie M.

  • Vincent was professional and informative on all of my questions and concerns about refinancing needs. Excellent company and associates.

    Marlo M.

  • I was introduced telephonically to Troy regarding a refinance of my mortgage. I was working with Quicken Loan however, after speaking to Troy and presenting money savings with my refinance, I opted to change to the HME. Troy saved me over $400 per month on my new mortgage payment. I also save "tons" of money for closing costs and so forth and got some money at the closing.

    Teddy T.

  • Great experience especially when things work out in your favor. Nate kept me posted on any updates which is good to know so that you are not on the edge.

    Randall M.

  • Everything went very smoothly throughout the entire process!

    John W.

  • I found Hawaii Mortgage & Ryan Leton very informative & knowledgeable in all aspects of refinancing our mortgage. He kept in constant contact with the both of us throughout the process. His responses to all of our questions was always to the point & made sense to the both of us. We were very much satisfied with his service.

    Donald P.

  • HME is an excellent mortgage company for your mortgage needs. The agents are friendly and very helpful. Would highly recommend to all those interested.

    Ronnie K.

  • Troy provided outstanding customer service throughout our entire re-finance process. His professionalism, knowledge, and communication skills led to a quick and worry free close. We recommend Troy and his team with the highest confidence that they will get the job done for you!

    Cody R.

  • Ryan was very helpful throughout the whole process. At some point, the loan seemed like it wasn't going to get approved but Ryan found a way to He went above and beyond to help, and it all worked out in the end. I appreciate all his hard work and patience. Thank you!

    Gizelle G.

  • Troy did his work in a very timely manner, good job!

    Stanley S.

  • I was very satisfied with the services. Keith kept me informed at every stage of the loan process--I would highly recommend HME.

    Chimene S.

  • Karyn and I met and discussed about Hawaii Mortgage Experts and what she will do to help to bring my mortgage payment down, she walked me through on what the steps I need to do and what documents she needs to process the new mortgage loan. Karyn and her team did a great job and worked quickly in getting the new mortgage approved. I will recommend my family and friends to contact Karyn at HME, Karyn is currently processing my Mother and Brother's mortgage payment. Thank you Karyn and to the HME team.

    Arthur Q.

  • Very helpful. Educated us on how to calculate mortgage and closing cost. We received the rate we wish to have.

    Nikki S.

  • Great service and Katie always kept us in the loop on what was going on. Katie is outstanding and made the entire process as easy as possible.

    Raymond S.

  • Brian was responsive to our many calls and provided support when most needed. The transaction with the purchase of our home was with bumps in the road and Brian was very patient. He communicated with our realtor effectively and shared any and all information necessary in order for this transaction to occur.

    Lenora R.

  • Working with Robert has exceeded all our expectations for closing this refinance. It has been the easiest and fastest mortgage process we've had, took only about a month. Robert has been on top of it all along and correspondence was handled thru email and phone calls. We would recommend Hawaii Mortgage Experts to anyone needing help with mortgages, especially Robert Kamahele.

    Josefina P.

  • I think the refinance process went very smoothly. Previously, I was unable to qualify for a refinance with another company. I was not offered any suggestions on what to do next. However, when I registered with Hawaii Mortgage Experts, Gerald was able to provide me with the options in which I was unaware. Because of Gerald's knowledge and dedication, my family was able to enjoy the benefits of getting refinanced in a timely manner.

    Marlana G.

  • My overall experience was exceptional. Ash helped the loan come along as fast as he could. Great communication and such friendly service.

    Harlene T.

  • It was a pleasure working with Sherri. She listened, understood the goals of the family and helped us to accomplish it. At the same time helping us to save tens of thousands of dollars over the length of the loan. Sheila who helped us with the signing came over and had everything that was needed to complete the task. They conducted themselves professionally from start to finish. Give them a call, they can save you money too!

    Leroy P.

  • Responding to me was fast. My questions that I needed help with was explained to me with understanding . I would recommend Ash to friends and family.

    Recardo B.

  • We are very satisfied because Katie has been reachable and easy to talk to and if we didn't understand something she always took the time to explain. She gave excellent customer service.

    Regina Y.

  • It was a pretty painless process. The communication was outstanding.

    Stephen I.

  • I admire Ashley's dedication and work ethic. I was amazed at the timely responses no matter the day or time.


  • Keith was very helpful to me and my family. He went above and beyond his work by taking our calls during his days off (after office hours & weekend) to answer our questions and give us assurance that he only wants what is best for us.

    Amancio D.

  • Sean was knowledgeable, patient, and helpful in assisting me with the mortgage refinancing loan.

    Minh P.

  • We were well taken care of and the response tines from our loan agent was awesome and timely. We would use him again if we need to!

    Jeanne K.

  • Very professional and outstanding.

    Francisco S.

  • Very proactive and always following up with us on our house.

    Joyce G.

  • Very easy to work with and quick to answer the million questions I had about the process and paperwork.

    Tiffany R.

  • Gerald made my home refinancing experience absolutely painless. He frequently called to keep me updated about where we were in the process and responded quickly to any questions or concerns I had.

    Aneulena C.

  • OUTSTANDING Service and a very impressive performance rendered during the whole duration of my refinance. From start to completion, it was flawless in all respect and completed in a very short period of time. Keep-up the good work!

    Rodrigo R.

  • My experience was great! I'm a still new to owning a home and having a mortgage. I was probably very annoying texting and emailing Ashley Colter every few days with questions. He never made me feel bad, simply just answered my questions and made me feel like a very wanted and appreciated customer. Thanks guys!

    Kyle L.

  • I've worked with Keith for some years now. Him and his staff have always given me good service.

    Steven T.

  • Great working relationship, kept us up to date, polite, curious,and very much on top of his game.

    Herbert A.

  • Thank you for all your help the past few months.  I really appreciate all that you have done.  You kept me well informed.  Thank you again, Ryan!!!!

    Suzanne D.

  • From the first conversation with Mr. Monroe I was very comfortable. All information relayed to me was factual and all actions taken was exactly as spelled out and explained to me. I would and have extended to friends and acquaintences HME contact and know they will be recipients of the excellent treatment I received.

    George S.

  • Sean did an awesome job. He kept us constantly updated of the entire process. His knowledge and experience was of working with VA loans and as a broker proved to be invaluable. Sean client services and professionalism was outstanding along with his compassion to help us achieve our home. We will be recommending Sean and Hawaii Mortgage to everyone purchasing a home.

    Claude H.

  • Nate was very helpful and professional during the process. Will recommend to anyone.

    Christopher W.

  • Dawn explained things in a way that was really easy to understand. She had a great notary to sign with me, and was very accommodating on my timeline.

    Amy J.

  • This is the 2nd time that Sherri has helped us with a refinancing. She was with us from start to finish both times and made sure that our loans were completed. She was there to answer any questions that we had. I would highly recommend her to family and friends.

    Kyle H.

  • Whenever I needed help with some of the paperwork, or just questions in general, or needing an explanation about what to expect next, Nate has always been there. He always emailed me or called me to see if I had any questions. He has been always available for me. I think without Nate Hix I don't think we would have gone through with our refinancing. He made things so much less complicated for us. Mahalo Nate for everything. I know there were other people from Hawaii Mortgage Experts that helped and I would also like to thank all of them. Mahalo!

    Ruth T.

  • I was a little nervous because I was getting a ton of refi mail. I wasn't sure of the process. I got on their website and read the comments from the previous personnel that did. I called Ash and he calmed my nerves. It was the easiest thing I have ever done. Then they sent me a mobile notary to sign the papers at my home. Great experience.

    Michael J.

  • My overall experience was extremely well. The agents provided me and my wife with detailed and revelant information. They were attentive and patient and were dedicated all the way until our process was complete, upon which they still maintained contact with us. Totally professional, I will be providing anyone I come across with my good experience and my full recommendation.

    Morgan F.

  • Ash is very thorough, a true professional. All of questions were answered promptly. Ash will be my loan officer for life.

    Ronald S.

  • Kelly was great! Always go back to us right away and worked hard to get us our refi. We will definetly recommend him to anyone. Thank you!

    Lisa F.

  • I always felt like I was the only client. I could not have asked for a more professional and attentive staff.

    Kristen S.

  • We're so satisfied!!! Hawaii Mortgage Experts and George Kumpis and Jaimie Fujioka handled well our loan application. The process went so smooth !!

    Melvin B.

  • Robert was on top of everything and notified me when we needed paper works to be sign or needed to be submitted. It was awesome that the notary and signing of the papers was done at my house at my time of choosing. Really helps out when my husband and I are so busy.

    Minerva D.

  • Katie is just AWESOME! She is very knowledgable and very helpful. She answered many (and I mean MANY) of our questions throughout the entire process. Start to finish, Katie was there to answer late night phone calls, text messages, email, etc... And if she didn't know the answer, she made sure to find out who did. The journey of purchasing a much bigger property has been a challenging one, but we would gladly do it again with Katie by our side. We highly recommend Katie to anyone who is looking to buy a new home or even refinance. She'll stick with you to the end and see things through. Thanks Katie!

    Raena M.

  • Joe and the HME team is definitely a company you can trust when it comes acquiring a mortgage. Joe definitely made the process easy and getting the approval expeditiously.

    Stephon S.

  • Simply exceptional and a power house performer. Mr. Joe Pickett never stopped working in ensuring that all documents were very well prepared, kept my family and I informed at all times of issues, concerns, and updates throughout the loan process, and most important meeting our required time line for closing. A phenomenal loan officer and I've never met someone like Joe with his caliber of superb costomer service. I will definately utilize Joe and his team in the future for chasing another home and will continue to recommend him to other service members because they deserve the best. I wish there are more like Joe out there because he really pours his heart out, time, and dedication to what he does best, taking care of his clients in ensuring the pursuit of happiness and satisfaction.

    Richard S.

  • Communicate flowed smoothly through the entire process. I was very pleased with my experience with Hawaii Mortgage Experts, LLC. Keith and his team were a pleasure to work with.

    Quentin W.

  • Words cannot convey how amazing you two hussled to get me moved into my new home .... I am forever grateful for what you two have done for me Sherri !!!!

    Peedi S.

  • From beginning till the end Karyn has done an outstanding job. She was very helpful and very informative.

    Gina C.

  • As first-time home buyers, Daniel always took the time to answer our questions and explain each step of the mortgage process. Great work!

    Thomas T.

  • Daniel was very responsive and informative.

    Alexandra T.

  • Hawaii Mortgage Experts were exceptional in every respect throughout our home buying experience even in adverse conditions such as delays and difficulties beyond their control. One expert stood out as a natural leader with great customer service skills and her name is Katie Puzzuoli. As a very satisfied client, I believe Katie went well above and beyond her normal duties to ensure all went well and stayed on track even in the most trying of circumstances as this is what leadership is all about. I highly recommend Hawaii Mortgage Experts to anyone desiring a group of highly motivated and dedicated professionals who get things done the way they should be.

    Timothey K.

  • I was very happy with Kelly and his communication with me. HME is very reputable and I would recommend any vet who is looking to refinance to work with Kelly and HME.

    Edward J.

  • Joe Pickett provided me with excellent customer service which is the reason why I refinanced with him for the second time. I would recommend him to anyone who asks me for a mortgage broker.

    Mark H.

  • Kelly was awesome. Highly professional, knowledgeable and responsive. He was patient and thorough answering all of our questions. Excellent job! This guy could run his own show!

    Jennifer O.

  • Kelly has always explained things very well. We look to Kelly to provide us with honest & reliable information & have never been disappointed. He is and always will be our 1st choice, if we need loan help.

    Ron E.

  • Thank you so very much for all of your help in securing our loan for our new home. You were organized & thorough & professional, as well as kind which made all of the difference in our interactions with you. We put our trust in you and you most definitely came through for us. Thank you for your patience as well as treating us as people rather than just home loan customers.

    Victor V.

  • We were blessed to work with Katie. She is everything you can wish for - dedicated, professional, polite. Even when at the end of the process we had some difficulties with the Title Company, Katie was the one to overcome them and closed on time.

    Alexandra K.

  • The whole process from beginning to end exceeded my expectations. From the unmatched customer service to the wealth of professionalism. Sherri Statler represents years of experience and knowledge which is evident through a smooth and speedy process.

    Mark A.

  • Mr. Mateo is hard working and very professional. Very accommodating.

    Melvin U.

  • Vincent was very kind and accomodating from the very start. He made me feel valued as a customer and was always available to answer questions. When we found that the property we were interested in had some holes in the paperwork, he worked tirelessly and expediantly to submit a packet so that the property would be approved. Everything worked out well and I could not imagine having a better experience with a mortgage agent than this. I have already passed his name to friends and acquaintances of mine! Highly recommended.

    Adam T.

  • Karen Kaina did a super excellent job in helping us refinance to a VA mortgage. From the beginning, she explained everything clearly to include the paperwork process and what steps in the refinancing process to expect. Karen continually made follow-up calls to keep us in the loop and let us know the status of the refinancing up to the point it closed. The process was easier than expected and very quick. Mahalo Karen!

    Frederick D.

  • Tony went above and beyond in obtaining the financing to meet our needs.

    Arnold J.

  • The process was smooth and the updates I was provided were timely and accurate.

    Doyle P.

  • Very professional team. My experience was top notch. Thank you for the excellent support!

    Cherrielynn K.

  • I am a first time home buyer and my knowledge on buying property is very limited. Sean Ryan was very helpful, educating and walking me (and my wife) throughout the entire process. Sean Ryan was great at keeping me and my wife up-to date with every step and change that occurred, almost daily (via email or phone).

    Ryan M.

  • I'm a first time home owner so there was a lot to learn. I had my doubts, as anyone would on their first time. However, Jacob's professionalism and expertise gave me the assurance I needed to rest my mind at ease. Awesome experience!

    Shamal M.

  • Kelly was knowledgeable, timely and very easy to work with!

    Jesse L.

  • Brian has expert knowledge about the process of streamline refinancing for military families like ours. He was very responsive to all of our questions, and he took care of every detail. Everything was much easier than I had expected. Thank you for all of your help!

    Scott K.

  • Got it done where others could not ... personal, professional, accurate, timely. Very impressed!

    Edmund W.

  • My experience with Hawaii Morgage Expeets was phenomenal. The customer care and professionalism was refreshing. We were kept in the loop as to the progress as well as the delays in a timely and courteous manner. Overall experience was excellent.

    Lee R.

  • I will say that the stress from buying a house was an event I will truly never forget. I have a lot of things to remember in my life, but I will never forget George Kumpis being an actual true friend. He wanted to help me through this process. At no point did I ever feel I was bothering him when I vented on a phone call or email. I will always be grateful that he was there to help me, and I pray for him every day to be blessed for everything that he did for me and my family. God Bless You George.

    Jason H.

  • We are very fortunate to get to know Mr. Tandal for helping us. He is very diligent in processing our VA loan, follow through all documents fast. We would like to thank you Mr. Tandal.

    Soledada V.

  • Brant from HME was always attentive and quick to respond to my inquiries. Provided answers in a timely fashion and listened to our needs and wishes.

    Michelle A.

  • Buying this condo in Hawaii was the easiest experience we have ever had, and it was all done electronically from Texas. Joe was very professional and I appreciated his financial knowledge. He kept us informed with several phone calls and emails which made us feel comfortable. We also loved the videos he sent as we proceeded through each process. They were fun to watch. We would highly recommend Joe Pickett and his team at Hawaii Mortgage Experts. Mahalo Joe, great job!

    John D.

  • Everything was quick and painless. Sean was very diligent and patient when explaining things to me. He always got back to me in a timely manner when questions needed to be answered or paperwork needed to be turned in.

    Jill M.

  • Troy was very helpful throughout the refinancing process. He was always happy to take the time to explain in detail all of the aspects of the refinance process and was able to complete my refinance within 2 weeks. I'm very happy with Troy and his team and would not hesitate to work with him in the future.

    Christopher P.

  • The professionalism and care Daniel had for our family was understandingly refreshing and much appreciated.

    Mary V.

  • Staff was very thorough and did everything possible to get paperwork completed quickly.

    Daniel S.

  • Being a first time home buyer I'm glad that we used Hawaii Mortgage Experts. They were very patient and kept in contact through the whole process.

    Rani R.

  • Working with Keith and his staff has made me feel very confident that I was being helped by true professionals. If I ever need the same service again I know that I can rely on them again.

    John B.

  • Katie was very helpful in the mortgage process. She very much put our minds at ease! Buying a home is a daunting and stressful part of life and Katie was a tremendous help in putting us in our first home.

    Thomas S.

  • The staff at Hawaii Mortgage Experts are top notch! They were very professional and knowledgeable throughout the whole process. Their positive attitudes and words of encouragement kept us focused even when the process got tough. Anyone working with the people at HME are in good hands.

    Mark D.

  • My husband and I were pleasantly surprised at how smooth and seamless the process rolled out. From the application to the signing at closing, Gerald Tandal and his team provided everything we needed. I felt like we just showed up to sign the documents (actually, the notary came out to our home). I will surely tell our family and friends about the HME experience.

    Laurie U.

  • Jacob made the whole process easy. For a first time home buyer he really explained everything so that we understood all the process.

    Roger U.

  • Sherri is very knowledgeable and I can tell she is very experienced in her field. She made the loan work and allowed me to purchase my first home, which was excellent.

    Sara T.

  • Excellent/professional service and quick turn around.

    Matautu L.

  • Gerald did outstanding, great service.

    Ronald U.

  • We have been wanting to refinance our home for many years but were prohibited from doing so after the market crash and the destabilization of the economy. Our prior lender sold our loan to another lender and we failed repeatedly to qualify for some form of refinancing. We were under the stress of paying a 2 part (first and second) subprime mortgage that didn't permit us to pay towards principle for the past 9 years we lived in our home. Throughout that time Vincent remained consistent in searching for options that worked for our family until he found one that met our needs. His attention to detail and guidance led us into a much better mortgage situation that makes sense and allows us to pay towards the principle amount of our home loan. We couldn't be happier!

    Christopher L.

  • Vince and his team were helpful in letting us know what we needed to do throughout the entire process. We couldn't have done it without them walking us through everything.

    Sadie L.

  • Mr. Sean Ryan was recommended by my son-in-law. When I first called Sean, he explained everything I needed to know about the service he and HME can provide. My wife and I decided to go through with a refinance. Sean always kept us in the loop with our status and walked us through the process. We're totally satisfied with the results.

    Walter Y.

  • Vince was there for us every step of the way. He walked us through everything, and made the refinancing process very stress free.

    David T.

  • Gerald was great to work with and we look forward to working with him again in the future.

    Carlo D.

  • We were extremely pleased with every step in the mortgage process. Your personal characterization of of us totally "blew us away". Truly made us feel more relaxed. Thank you.

    John P.

  • I've been trying to refinance for about a 3 years went through varies companies and hit road blocks. Then I was referred to Jacob Ordenstein of HME. Jacob help a lot but he to hit a road block with Fannie Mae not recognizing my loan. He let me know of this set back with Fannie Mae and I ask him what is the next step? He stated that he'll check on something and he'll call me back. Within 15 mins he called me and he stated that he did some work and he got something for me one of HME's lenders. From that day forward it was such a blessing being helped by Jacob Ordenstein and Wendi Torricer.

    Robert P.

  • I am ecstatic that we found a company willing to help us with our loan. Although complicated with our situation, they were able to give us other options. I really loved the follow up emails with video. It helped to understand the process and next steps.

    Kendra P.

  • Tony demonstrated complete professionalism in addressing all of our questions and issues. He did this in a friendly manner and I always had confidence that the matter would get resolved speedily.

    Hugh D.


    Carol A.

  • Keith was courteous, professional and caring to customer.

    Emerson C.

  • From start to finish (which was about 30 days) Gerald always kept us informed on what was happening with our refi process.

    Roxanne Y.

  • I'm very satisfied with VA loan that Ms. Noble designed for me. With my not so good credit report, she was able to procure affordable loan for me with lower closing costs (credit on discount points) extra spending money and $600 savings on monthly mortgage.

    Renato M.

  • It was so easy and so quick! Sherri was great!

    Deborah H.

  • Jordan, was professional and helpful throughout the entire process. He kept us informed and put my wife and I at ease. He made an overwhelming process stress free and we couldn't be happier with the end result.

    Trevor K.

  • Brant Matsuda provided us with an APR rate that made buying a home within our reach.

    Alexis G.

  • I had a great experience with Anna and Hawaii Mortgage Experts. Anna took the time to explain things and made the process easy to understand. She was very patient and accommodating. Overall, it was a positive and rewarding experience that saved me a ton of money!

    Paul T.

  • The overall experience was great. It was a long close with a lot of moving pieces and the support was always there, I appreciate everything the Sean did for me and my family.

    Tiago M.

  • Daniel is very professional and is extremely knowledgeable. He is very honest and is easy to get a hold of. He made sure I understood all of my options and never pressured me into any decision. His priority was to make sure that my needs were met and that I was comfortable every step of the process.

    Ron T.

  • Brant was very informative in his work. He did an excellent job.

    Jason B.

  • The process was long and required a lot of paperwork for the VA, but Anna helped us along. She was very supportive and answered the many questions we had.

    Jason A.

  • Brant is very helpful in explaining to us with every details of the transaction.

    Jay C.

  • Robert did a great job of communicating with us in a timely manner and worked hard to get us the refinance that made sense for us. Our monthly payment is lower than it was before AND we got some cash out. The best part about working with Robert is that you feel like you are doing business with a friend. I highly recommend Robert Kamahele and will definitely do business again with him in the future.

    Zach S.

  • Joe was fantastic. We were having to get documents from another lending organization that was not cooperating. Joe was the resource that got it all done! We were really happy with the service he provided.

    Jewell T.

  • Dawn was fantastic, she did a fabulous job keeping us informed!

    Lonny K.

  • My overall experience with HME was incredibly positive. They were able to take a full percentage point off my fixed interest rate and save me a few hundred dollars per month in doing so! What they required from me was minimal to say the least. It was a very smooth transition process and I would recommend them to anyone interested in re-financing their mortgage, mahalo HME!

    Brett H.

  • Jordan was very knowledgeable, hard working, and easy to get along with. He got us a great loan hassle free.

    Brian R.

  • Dawn and the Team are true professionals in very aspect: they know their product, they deliver the result on time and always keep the customer well informed along the way. A Five Star Service!! You did a marvelous job!! We are so happy. You are the #1 on my referral list.

    Iiona P.

  • Brant provided us exceptional customer service and always prompt with his responses during those nerve racking moments! The best! Brant was a referral by a friend who also used HME.

    Danica P.

  • Jordan was amazing from day one. Helped me understand a lot of the process and worked to get me prequalified so that I could hit the ground running looking for a new home in Oahu. He was there when I needed to vent and was understanding about the difficulties that we ran into with me being on the mainland. I would recommend everyone go to Jordan for any home buying needs!

    Tristan V.

  • Daniel Relyea was very professional and provided outstanding customer service throughout the whole refi process. I would highly recommend Daniel and your company to anyone wanting to refi their home.

    Nicholas H.

  • From the beginning, Anna was very attentive and understanding. She made the process less stressful and she was very patient with me...being a newbie.

    Yenyoung F.

  • Dawn was very professional and amazingly helpful.

    Randall S.

  • Sean was knowledgeable about the process and professional at all times.

    Steven M.

  • Jacob is a reliable and dependable. His professionalism in his work can make the client develop his trust and confidence that the goal will be achieved. He is highly recommendable.

    Constancia A.

  • It was a very satisfying experience dealing with you, every detail was fully explained and understood. Jacob's expertise will definitely make the client be confident in his ability. He is trustworthy and reliable because of his patience and professionalism to his clients. He is highly recommended.

    Alfonso A.

  • Very quick seemless process. I would recommend HME to everyone.

    Kurt T.

  • Gerald was really easy to work with. We didn't feel pressured into signing anything. The process was really quick! Very happy!! Thank you!

    Charles N.

  • Daniel and the team consistently relayed messages about another document that was needed or another form that needed to be signed. They helped us get through all the lending requirements to completion. Thanks

    Donald F.

  • Tony was AWSOME, and very professional. A Class Act....

    Brannon B.

  • Jacob was a fantastic agent. very friendly and professional. He always provided timely feedback and communicated effectively when asked questions, especially about topics unfamiliar to me as a first time home buyer. Moreover, his staff helped me find insurance and gave great recommendations on plans. His constant support and timely actions were critical in the successful purchase of my house. I could not be more thankful for him.

    Robert D.

  • I've worked with Jacob in the past, and his customer service is what brought me back for a refinance. He is very professional and knowledgeable and gave me the best options for our needs.

    Melissa P.

  • Daniel was very responsive and efficient

    Howard Y.

  • I have a great experience with Keith M. He is thorough, excellent, explain well what was going on, calm, easy to get in touch, answer questions appropriately. He is a great asset of your company.

    Brenda A.

  • Sherri makes everything go very smoothly, doing what it takes to alleviate problems for the buyer. She's efficient, accurate,and prompt. I couldn't ask for a better mortgage agent.

    Hastings E.

  • Gerald said it would take less than 30 days to close and it did!! No appraisal needed!! :) Great customer service...kept us informed every step of the way!!

    Quintin A.

  • Joe was very knowledgeable and understanding of his job plus our wants and needs. He was technically proficient in the process of purchasing our home. Always helpful and polite in our conversations.

    Aaron S.

  • Sherri is the best loan officer ever to help me in closing. #1 of over 15 loans on homes and real estate.

    Todd M.

  • Sean is very easy to work with and communicates well. Way better experience than with another loan broker I had on my previous loan. Sean, A+

    Kalena K.

  • Keith explained things very clearly and always answered questions promptly.

    Joanne L.

  • Vincent Arquinez was amazing through this whole process. He took the time to explain every step of the way. He was always professional and promptly returned my phone calls. He never over promised anything and came through with the process just as said. I felt as though I received the best product available with top-notch service. I would recommend Vince to my closest friends and colleagues.

    Daniel L.

  • We were very pleased and satisfied with the service Gerald provided to us in refinancing our home. He was very efficient and stood right by our side throughout the whole process, not just leaving us to wonder what was going on. We will definitely recommend him to all our friends and family. Thank you, Gerald.

    Shada K.

  • My husband and I have lived and worked in Africa for over 40 years and now it is time for retirement in our only house and home in the US. We needed to re-fi our home for many reasons, and we couldn't have been luckier than to meet Daniel Relyea from HME. Even with time differences of 12 hours and all the challenges that long distance transactions require, we managed to square away a great loan due to Daniel's tenacity, patience, and expertise. We are very satisfied with our new loan.

    Melinda W.

  • This refinance was excellent from beginning to the end. Vincent was the person who help me get the awesome rate that save me 205.00 dollar a month. I thank him for having opening communication throughout the process.

    Steven H.

  • Our experience with Anna was GREAT she was very efficient. She always made her self available and willing to help in any way she could. EXCELLENT JOB!

    Olga V.

  • Sherri is a true professional. Not only did she know the loan industry well, she provided invaluable insight into different loan options. She is always available and willing to assist her clients. Highly recommend her.

    Timothy F.

  • Wow - thank you so much. You really are a star - what a journey and what a process!!! And when we were about to give up on this, YOU were the one who came back to us and wanted to make that one last effort - which worked!!! I really want to send a commendation to your bosses about your valiant efforts to make this work with what must be some of the most difficult clients/circumstances ever!! Many thanks indeed Daniel!!

    John W.

  • Cant ask for any better service then you have provided for me.

    Gilbert L.

  • Smooth & easy process!!!

    David A.

  • Professional, responsive and very customer focused.

    William R.

  • Very professional and quick response to any questions I had.

    Michael K.

  • From the start, Sean made us feel comfortable and treated us like family. He took the time to explain things we didn't understand. And walked us through the whole loan process.

    Melanie S.

  • Daniel went over and beyond the call of duty. We tried getting financing on our own but was not able to. He made it work. Mahalo, Daniel!

    Patrick S.

  • Everything was a smooth transaction and great support! Much Mahalos!!

    Lawrence C.

  • Working with Brian has been an awesome experience. His subject matter expertise and knowledge is impeccable and is very detail oriented. Brian's friendly demeanor has put me at ease and he's constantly kept me in the loop on the entire process until closing. I would recommend Brian to any friend or family member looking to refinance. They can expect nothing but professional, reliable, and honest service.

    Rolf O.


    Charles V.

  • Katie is one of the best in customer service.

    Marife R.

  • My overall experience was.......Awesome!! I was informed and kept updated of every step of the process. Each of those steps were explained to me by Joe Pickett or by a member of his staff. I was also provided with pdf's, videos, etc. via email which I feel made the whole process a lot more understandable for me and I assume sped it along. Joe and his staff were so accommodating and mindful of my time. He also answered any questions I had and helped me deal with some issues that came along. Thank you Joe and Staff for all your help! You are truly appreciated!

    Lenora F.

  • Gerald was very helpful in making this process move along very quickly. He was available to answer all of my questions and to make me feel comfortable dealing with Hawaii Mortgage Experts since this was my first time using a mortgage broker for a refinance. Everything went smoothly and he said it would be done within a month and it was !! I am so grateful that I took the time to talk with Gerald because now I am in a much better place financially.

    Susan M.

  • Brant, was very flexible and accommodating with my schedule.

    Shane R.

  • Services are beyond my expectations, very helpful and patient and both showed dedication and thoroughness on their job.

    Norgen D.

  • Brian was nothing short of amazing to work with! He was always available to answer questions, right on top of all deadlines, and pleasant to work with. We highly recommend Brian and HME to anyone!! Thanks for making our dream property a reality!

    Nathan S.

  • Everything was done with excellence and such ease. Daniel was on top of everything and every question that I had was answered promptly and to my satisfaction. Thank you so much Daniel and Hawaii Mortgage Experts.

    Antony G.

  • Sean was absolutely fantastic. He was very patient with us and throughout the entire process was reassuring that everything was going to work out, which put us at ease. He is extremely knowledgeable and honest, which my wife and I both respect and appreciate. His service is impeccable and I'd refer anyone I know to Sean. We can't thank him enough for all of his hard work.

    Daniel S.

  • Overall experience has been extremely satisfying! Every question I had were answered. Very professional!

    Dandrell C.

  • This was my second refinance with HME for my VA Loan. The first was great but this second time was more excellent. The whole process went very smooth, efficient, and expedient that it seemed like I didn't have to do anything at all. Good job to Dawn Noble and her Team! I would definitely recommend HME to my other Veteran friends.

    Michael G.

  • The process was efficient and very client friendly.

    Charlene P.

  • Joe Pickett is an excellent Loan Advisor. He kept me informed throughout the process and updated me frequently. I did have some challenges, but Joe did what he had to make things work.

    Karlson K.

  • Working with Don and Deanna at HME was amazing. They went out of their way to help us out and accommodate our schedules. Refinancing went through without any problems. I would highly recommend them to my friends and family.

    Philip S.

  • Joe goes above and beyond for his clients. You always feel as if he has your best interests in mind.

    Joni T.

  • Keith Mateo was very helpful from start to finish in our refinance process. He guided us along the way and provided excellent service.

    Jason M.

  • I've known Brant for so many years. He helped us a lot. Thank you so much for all you do!

    Amelia F.

  • The most personal financial dealing I've ever had where my interest was considered and at the heart of all transactions.

    James G.

  • Jacob worked well into the night at times to make the process smooth.

    John S.

  • When I first got the call from Jessica, I didn't want to pursue refinancing our mortgage, but she was persistent and talked me into refi. She gave me three scenarios as to what my mortgage payments would be and I am very pleased with her insistence and overall happy with the service she provided to my husband and me.

    Nancy M.

  • Jordan was a huge help and was very knowledgeable during the whole process. He had an answer to my question or found it promptly.

    Meir H.

  • Overall experience was excellent. I would recommend to all friends and family. I am satisfied with all the services. Fast services and very reliable company.

    Gina Y.

  • I couldn't be more pleased with the service I received in working with Sherri Statler to refinance my home. She not only got me a great rate, she advised me of additional savings that I was not aware of. I highly recommend her!

    Kathy D.

  • As a first time home buyer Keith Mateo was very professional, knowledgeable and provided answers to all my questions. I would definitely recommend Hawaii Mortgage Experts to family and friends.

    Patrick G.

  • It was our first time buying a house and there was so many new things to learn. Brian answered our questions and was easy to get ahold of whenever we needed him. He was professional without being intimidating, helpful, and made us feel comfortable.

    Sarah H.

  • Jessica provided great service in that she always responded timely to questions I had and returned my calls when I had left her messages. She is courteous, has good customer service skills, and is knowledgeable about the mortgage business. She made our mortgage refinance process easier.

    Leslie C.

  • I was very happy with my experience working with Jessica!

    Jesse S.

  • Thank you so very much Dawn and Wendi (processor) for your patience, diligence, and professionalism. You were so supportive! Thank you for giving me peace of mind and possibly a new kitchen! I'm so grateful that I put my trust in YOU!

    Debbie B.

  • Vincent was fantastic. Definitely using him next time too.

    Richard R.

  • My loan process was smooth, excellent, and everyone was friendly and knowledgeable.

    Elizabeth C.

  • Katie was very professional and detailed when it came to making sure we understood what we were dealing with...She was incredibly helpful and willing to work with us on timing and meeting places due to me and my wife working full-time...She was very accommodating...

    Rhyan R.

  • Brant is an Excellent Loan Specialist. He is focused and follows up to the "T". He has a very positive attitude, has excellent work habits and is very comfortable to work with. He looks out for the best interest of the customer.

    Gary W.

  • Joe was just great, answered all our questions, helped us through the process of the purchase and got us a good interest rate. Likewise, all your staff at the escrow company were always helpful.

    Chandra V.

  • I am Grateful to Daniel and all associates that helped with the refinancing process of my Home. Daniel was honest, knowledgeable and most importantly walked me through the process in "laymans" terms. Being that this was my first experience of having to refinance by myself, Daniel did an amazing job to ensure that my best interests were at the heart of his and HME's service. Thank you thank you thank you.

    Hazel W.

  • George is very invested in doing the best for his clients. We felt this genuinely from him and appreciated his knowledge to teach us through the process. We feel confident that we can rely and depend on him and trust his judgment, also with his associates who help him like Tyler and First American Title. We're grateful to have George working for us!

    Rochelle U.

  • From the first time I spoke with Gerald, he was very professional, and very kind. He was always ready to answer any question, and assisted with all issues that arose. He clearly cared about all our needs, and was a pleasure to work with. I would highly recommend him as a mortgage broker with enthusiasm, and without a single reservation.

    Thomas M.

  • Sherri is the best! She went to every length to make it happen and we are forever grateful!

    David C.

  • Really appreciate Dex's following through from the initial emails which were very informative and inviting, which made me want to do my application through him. He is very knowledgeable, helpful, friendly, and understanding, and works hard to help, processes paperwork 'faster than a speeding bullet' and is available and keeps me abreast of what is happening. In short, he is amazing.

    Annie R.

  • Second time working with Brant on a refi....both times he has been spot on with helping me. He kept me informed on everything that was happening during the process and after the closing. Both Brant and Jaimie were great. Would not hesitate to call Brant again

    Arthur S.

  • While this process is a bit painful for people that are new to it, Brian was very communicative and in touch about everything the whole way. Brian also got the deal closed very quickly and efficiently.

    Hanna M.

  • Sean was on top of everything and getting back to us as soon as he could whenever I had questions. He was awesome.

    Fay H.

  • The staff definitely worked as a team to get my refinance complete. They also communicated with me during the process every step of the way.

    Lorin K.

  • Vincent took care of me and my family when we needed sound advice. We are happy this transaction was completed in a timely and professional manner. I have recommended Vince to others in the market.

    Joseph L.

  • Jacob is very helpful, and always gives me my best options. I trust him and will go to him for any future help I may need.

    Lisa D.

  • I felt as though I was a personal client. I have my own broker looking out for me. Very happy.

    Don M.

  • Outstanding service, all profesional from beginning to end.

    Enrique E.

  • Daniel provided outstanding service throughout the entire process. He kept me informed about rate changes over the past year and moved on it at the right time. Will definitely recommend him to anyone I know looking for a mortgage.

    Alan K.

  • Sherri has been a blessing to us since day one. Her time and efforts have exceeded our expectations and we are so thankful. She certainly made us feel that we were her only clients (and we know she is very busy) and she was so determined to make things happen. She is so very patient and answered all of our questions in a way that we could understand. I have and will continue to refer those seeking a high level of service to Sherri Statler.

    Ryden D.

  • Anna was so wonderful to work with. Anna always shared as much information with us as possible and tried to answer all questions clearly and sincerely. I am also a sales person and loved that fact that Anna always looked at every angel to help with this process.....thank you Anna

    Vanessa A.

  • HME is a reputable local company you can trust. I was able to meet my goals with my refinance and the process was fairly quick and uncomplicated. Working with Brian Monroe was a pleasure from start to finish. He is professional, always available, provided excellent customer service and truly cares about his clients.

    William H.

  • This is my second time refinancing with you folks. Sherri is very good at what she does.

    Honey C.

  • Karyn did a great job! She goes above and beyond to make the process easy and got me a great rate.

    Hamana L.

  • HME did everything they said they would do and communications were superb. I would recommend them to my friends and family.

    Patrick Y.

  • I would highly recommend George to friends or family for his patience and expertise in getting us the type of loan that I requested.

    Barbara B.

  • Your people help us a lot. We are so happy to have gone with your company. I would recommend a friend to you. You guys work real fast in getting the loan done.

    Anita A.

  • Sherri at HME was very professional and proficient at getting our re-fi completed and funded within 45 days. We will highly recommend her to our friends and family. This was the easiest and smoothest home mortgage loan we have ever done.

    Kari H.

  • Vincent is very professional and is very dedicated! From the time I switched over to him I never needed to worry about anything. If a better interest rate came onto the market and it made sense he called me. If I had a question about an interest rate being offered he researched it and got back to me right away about whether or not it was a good decision or not. Vincent is the man you want in your corner! I am very happy and have recommended him to many others!

    Michael F.

  • The final interest rate offered was lower than the original offer. That means to me that Ash was looking after our best interest.

    Alfonso B.

  • It was done quickly and easy. We experienced no problems and would do it again if the opportunty presented itself.

    William R.

  • Everything was excellent. I cannot think of anything that needed to be improved. Joe did an exemplary job in every aspect and was very knowledgeable.

    Kyle K.

  • Dawn Noble went out of her way to capture the investment loan we needed. Superior representative.

    Jonathan S.

  • Troy was very attentive to our needs, answered all of our questions promptly, and was readily available via phone or email. He kept in touch with us throughout the entire process, ensuring for a smooth and quick transaction. Moreover, everything was done for us AT OUR CONVENIENCE. One of the easiest mortgage transactions we've ever been through! Mahalo for all of your help!

    Denise C.

  • Dawn kept us informed of every step and was helpful in all ways.

    Roberta K.

  • As I came into this with only a vague notion of how it all worked, I am very fortunate to have had your help to guide me through this process as well as answer the questions I did have. Thank you for your kind help in helping me secure a loan.

    Neal W.

  • Sherri was awesome. She is very detailed and patient when it comes to explaining the whole process and financial details. She is very knowledgable and was able to provided the best course of action when it comes to % selection. I'm very satisfied with the money that we are able to save from refinancing.

    Corey W.

  • Thanks to Jordan we have a much better mortgage rate. Jordan really made the experience great. Any questions I had he was able to answer. My wife and I are so happy to have our new loan at a low rate.

    Rolf K.

  • It was so great to work with Jordan Stallard. When we tried to purchase our second home, our first loan broker was unable to secure a mortgage. We were then introduced by Jordan by our real estate agent. Jordan was so fast following-up. After we declined his first offer, he came up with a second one- which was exactly what we needed. He was available to chat at anytime via phone, email or text. He truly understood what our needs were, and found a perfect mortgage for us. Thank YOU Jordan!

    Daniel S.

  • This was the smoothest home finance or refinance I have heard of or experienced.

    Ronnie L.

  • Joe Pickett was exceptional with his customer service and problem solving skills!

    Cynthia P.

  • Joe is a great guy! He worked really hard and hustled to get us our loan. Easy to work with and very creative. He knows how to raise the bar and take it to the next level.

    Lincoln P.

  • Katie is a true professional and a pleasure to talk with. The whole process is very seamless and non stressful. EVERY thing was accurate and as stated, if not better.

    Frederick C.

  • Was in contact with 12 to 15 lenders before contacting George and needed to search no more. I got the best service and felt that Hawaii Mortgage Experts deserved their name. They provided the best service in a timely and courteous manner. I would recommend this company to anyone considering a new purchase or to refinance.

    David R.

  • I was referred to Sherri by a friend and co-worker. First time I've ever refinanced a home - and it Sherri made it S-I-M-P-L-E!

    Roger W.

  • Professional, complete, thorough, quick, efficient, and absolutely client oriented approach. The client feel secure, informed, safe and satisfied at every stage. A model of friendly American service at every step of the way.

    Chitha U.

  • During the loan process from start to finish Jacob was always available to answer questions and was efficient. I would highly recomend him as his company made it easy and not stressful.

    Mark B.

  • Very fast service! Faster than lighting! 100% satisfied!

    Florily E.

  • Overall, the whole process and experience was excellent. I will definitely recommend Ash to any of my family and friends in need of the same services that were provided to me.

    Brian J.

  • Brian made the entire transaction smooth and simple. When other loan officers were making false promises, Brian never did. He was honest with everything and made completing the transaction on my end very manageable even with my hectic schedule. Thanks Brian! You will be my loan officer for life!

    Michael K.

  • What I really like is Dex really worked so hard to complete the documents -he never gave up.

    Myrna C.

  • Keith kept me informed on all actions and kept my best interest in mind during the process. Outstanding job. Thanks again.

    Robert D.

  • It all just worked. Vincent was very professional throughout and kept my husband and me apprised throughout the entire process. Could not be happier.

    Helen D.

  • I've told all my family how wonderful and accommodating Anna and her team are. There wasn't one step or hiccup that Anna didn't explain clearly and asked if I understood what was going on. I had such great faith knowing that she would help me make the best choices to fit my situation. AWESOME, PROFESSIONAL, and FRIENDLY!!!

    Donna B.

  • Joe was terrific in explaining and helping me through the process. The service and follow through was excellent. I would definitely recommend Joe.

    Roxanne F.

  • Sean was great! From the very beginning he answered all of my questions and even during the middle of the process when I began to get cold feet about the whole process as it just seemed to good to be true, Sean was right there to re-assure me that everything was going to work out as it had been advertised and as we had discussed it would. I'm happy to say that I have completed the process now and it did in fact all go as it had been promised. Very happy customer!

    Steven M.

  • I am deaf. Karyn was willing to accommodate me by text messaging and e-mail, you can check for yourself, but I'll tell you so you heard it from me first, finding someone who is willing to do what she did is like finding the needle in the haystack. Thanks Karyn!

    Walter K.

  • I was working through Quicken loans to refinance but things didn't work out to meet my goals. I called Keith and told him what I was trying to do and the loan he got me exceeded all of my expectations and closed within 30 days. I would recommend working with him on any refi. Friendly, great service, and I am extremely satisfied with this service.

    Bruce M.

  • Sherri Statler contacted me sometime in 2013, in regards to doing a refinance for my home. She sent me all the necessary forms that were needed to be signed, as well as a checklist of the standard items that were needed for a refinance. I had everything in the postage paid envelope that she had generously provided and had it ready to be sent out through the mail. For some unknown reason, I got "cold feet" and decided not to go through with it. Fast forward a year later, Sherri Statler contacts me again regarding doing a refinance. I'm not sure what it was this time around, but Sherri Statler was so knowledgeable about the housing market, she eventually convinced me that it was a good time to the refinance. Once we got the ball rolling, Sherri Statler worked diligently in working and coordinating everything with the lender, home appraisal and escrow company. A little over three weeks time after I sent all the necessary documents out, she managed to complete the whole process and we were able to close by the end of January 2015. Sherri Statler has surpassed all of my expectations and made the whole process really easy for me. In future, if I ever decide to go through with doing a refinance again, I will not hesitate to give Sherri Statler a call to assist me.

    Roberto C.

  • Daniel and his staff were superb. Daniel was especially knowledgable and reliable and was incredibly responsive to all of our needs. This was greatly appreciated given the little twists and turns we encountered in the mortgage process. We highly recommend him without reservation.

    Angela P.

  • It was a pleasure working with Kelly at Hawaii Mortgage Experts. He was diligent and determined to get us the best interest rate available. We would highly recommend him to our closest family and friends. Thank you again Kelly, we appreciate your hard work!

    Francine L.

  • I've heard people say the whole process is very stressful. It wasn't for me. Sherri took care of everything and before I knew it, we closed.

    Raymond S.

  • Professional, very pleasant, always smiling, answers all questions with confidence. Makes us want to share her with friends looking for her gracious services. Katie, is a true representative of HME. Thank you Katie......

    George B.

  • Katie really worked hard to help me get this refinance, she really went above & beyond. I truly appreciate the service I received and will recommend her & HME to others.

    Kristofer S.

  • Sean helped us refinance our home once and I reached out to him again to help us sell and purchase a new property...when our real estate agent failed he helped us find the best agent in the market to help with our transaction...eager to sell and find a bigger home he made such a stressful process so comforting and really took some weight off our shoulders...we couldn't be any happier with his customer service....he exceeded expectations.

    Kay D.

  • George is outstanding. Throughout the process, he kept us well informed, was reachable almost all the time, and streamlined the process to make it easier for us wherever he could help. We highly recommend George, you couldn't ask for a better, more diligent, friendly and personable mortgage broker.

    Axel K.

  • Everything went through smoothly and most of all everybody was professional. Thank you Keith!

    Emmanuel C.

  • We had an awesome experience with Hawaii Mortagage Experts. We were provided clear instructions for gathering documents, accurate time lines, and constant feedback. Vincent was very easy to get in touch with and guided us through the loan process easily with his extensive knowledge.

    Matthew F.

  • Gerald worked very hard often "behind the scenes" to make our loan happen with the terms we wanted.

    Aaron J.

  • Joe Pickett provided me superb service throughout the loan process. He kept me in the loop and updated on every step of the loan. He remained positive in every aspect of the process. This gave me a positive feeling that everything was going well on my loan. He kept in contact and provided immediate options when there was a small issue. The bottom line my experience with Joe of HME was very satisfying and I want to thank him for his outstanding customer service and professionalism throughout the process. A job well done and a very satisfied customer, Aloha and Thank You!

    Calvin A.

  • Mr. Arquinez is a professional, well informed and communicated the process to me to my comfort level which is a quality I look for when handling business. Many agencies contacted regarding refinancing but it was his professionalism that won me over.

    Emily F.

  • I was very impressed with the consistent information provided to me throughout the entire refinancing process. It was done in a professional and timely matter. It was easy to recognize the commitment to the costumer. Thanks Kelly!

    Damien C.

  • I had a very wonderful experience with Anna. She was so helpful and sincere, I didn't have to do a thing except for signing. She made everything easy for me.

    Reynold M.

  • Very satisfied with every phase of the process. There were some difficult moments with lender requirements, however, these were met satisfactory in meeting all requirements. I would be happy to recommend this company to anyone. Thanks Jordan!

    Richard S.

  • Troy has excellent customer service. He explained each step of the refinance process very well. When there were questions that I had, he answered them and put my mind at ease. Overall, the experience was an A+! Thanks!

    Elizabeth B.

  • Sherri's level of service was better than anticipated fast and very effective results!

    Gary C.

  • The entire process was smooth and painless. Couldn't ask for better. Thanks Joe!

    Philip H.

  • Two thumbs up for George Kumpis who knew my vision from day 1. I was faced with obstacles and failure with other Local Banks. Met George who was so dedicated to seeing my Refinance go through along with his patience taking one step at a time. George’s Informative, Good knowledge, extra effort, insights, his whatever it takes attitude brought peace of mind making my job a lot easier. I sure couldn’t have accomplished my goal without him. You did an Excellent Job George. Thank you for taking the time and going the extra extra extra mile for me.

    Maria A.

  • Dawn was very professional, resourceful, friendly, understanding and patient. She answered my questions fully and reassured me at each step of the refinance process. My various school loans were complicated and numerous and Wendi was resourceful and diligent in helping me meet my deadlines.

    Debora B.

  • Troy is awesome! He was there helping us every step of the way and went over and beyond to help us. I am so happy we got to work with him. He is very thorough, courteous, and always on top of things. Great person to work with all around with lots of aloha and understanding. I can't imagine working with anyone else.

    Albert N.

  • My husband and I were very blessed to have George Kumpis help us with our VA refinancing. For one thing, we weren't aware of our qualification and secondly because or home is in a trust, he helped us with this procedure as well and did an efficient job!

    Katherine C.

  • Being a first-time home buyer Vincent was exceptional at working with me and my schedule, extremely flexible!! He also took the time to explain everything to me! I would highly recommend this man!!

    Michael I.

  • I had never done a bank loan conversion to a new VA loan and was told there might be some difficulty. I was very pleased and surprised with how quickly my refinance process happened so effortlessly, professionally, and worry free. It was a pleasure to work with Dawn, Jamie, and the rest of the team. They were very helpful and professional throughout the process, from beginning to end. It made everything so easy for me. Dawn kept clear and constant communication with me so I knew exactly what to do and expect and answered any questions I had about the VA loan. I am very happy and 100% satisfied with the whole experience. I would highly recommend Dawn Noble and Hawaii Mortgage Experts to anyone looking to finance or refinance their home.

    Michael G.

  • HME made the home buying experience effortless. Dawn and her coworkers handled all the details, and were very attentive and flexible with our needs. We were extremely pleased and would definitely recommend them.

    Robert W.

  • I found the experience fast, professional, and worry free! Thank you Jessica!

    Normand P.

  • My loan officer - Ash Colter was excellent!

    Jeronne V.

  • It went very smooth all involved were very knowledgeable and easy to work with. Thank you Tony!

    Shirley W.

  • Excellent service, very knowledgeable, helpful and friendly. Thanks Vince!

    Mitchell J.

  • The loan process with Gerald Tandal was a very pleasant experience and he walked us through every step of the way through the refinance of our loan that put us at ease that we were blessed to have him work with us. Thank you.

    Christe L.

  • Vincent is very knowledgeable. He gave us information on VA Loans that we were unaware of. We didn't have to call him because he kept us abreast of everything that was going on.

    Norman G.

  • Tony Walker was very helpful by walking us through the entire process as first time home buyers. He made himself available to us at any time for any questions and/or concerns we had. We would recommend him to anyone for any mortgage concerns or needs.

    Stephen F.

  • We are grateful that Hawaii Mortgage Experts stuck with us despite the challenges of our loan. Our loan officer was always available to help us or answer our questions.

    Stephen C.

  • I was very pleased with how quickly my refinance process happened. My refinance process had some "issues" that needed to be resolved and because of that I anticipated a lengthy delay. The delay did not happen because of the skill and expertise of my loan officer. I was really pleasantly surprised.

    David B.

  • Keith was very helpful at answering all my questions and concerns. He was always very timely with his responses and I never felt left in the dark. I recommend Keith highly and would ask for his help in the future.

    Adrian N.

  • Our refinance was far from easy but Keith stuck with us and explored every possible option to get our loan approved.

    Nicholas K.

  • Anna was very helpful and professional throughout the process, from beginning to end. Everything was so easy for me. I also liked that she kept clear and constant communication with me so I knew exactly what to do and expect. I would definitely recommend Anna and the company to anyone who is looking to refinance their home.

    Bryan H.

  • Vince was really great! He was very patient & explained every step & process to us. He was always available when I needed to reach him & always returned my calls in a timely manner. I will be referring all my family & friends to him as I feel they will not be disappointed.

    Timothy S.

  • Vincent was straight forward in explaining the details of the VA loan process. I have been sending all of my friends to him. He has my stamp of approval for handling military customers. I salute you!

    Andre B.

  • Jessica was helpful and correspondence via email and phone was quick and responsive. Service was thorough and customer service was great!

    Jeremie H.

  • I've worked with many mortgage companies over the years and have never had the service provided by Sean and Hawaii Mortgage Experts, you folks ROCK.

    Glenn P.

  • It was good exprience. It was my first time buying property. Jordan provided me with excellent service!

    Hitoshi I.

  • Tony Walker assisted me through the whole home buying process. I'm a first time home buyer and it was an awesome experience working with him. I will recommend my friends and family to him. Thanks Tony!

    Chad S.

  • Out of the blue Gerald contacted me and asked if I was interested in saving some money. I am always looking to put more money in my pocket so I can retire sooner than planned.  Gerald provided us with excellent service!

    Paul G.

  • I've worked with Bryan Monroe in the past and he has always been friendly, knowledgeable, above professional and very reliable. I trust what he says and feel very comfortable with his knowledge and expertise in the field. I have referred people to Bryan and will continue to do so in the future. Excellent service.

    Nishant P.

  • Overall the steps went very well, and the timing went smoothly. We signed before the 45th day. I feel it went as quick as it could overall. We are very satisfied with our experience working with Kelly!

    William K.

  • Sean was very responsive and easy to work with. Whenever there was a problem he was able to take care of it or advise us on what our options were and make informed recommendations.

    Evan K.

  • Very happy with the whole experience.. I would definitely recommend Hawaii Mortgage experts to anyone looking to finance or refinance their home. Thank you Robert!

    Denise L.

  • My overall experience, 100 percent satisfaction. Katie keep up the good work.

    Puni P.

  • Good working with this company. Could always get them when we called. Thank you Ash!

    Charles C.

  • The whole process was very helpful and convenient for us. Thanks Sean!

    Faye U.

  • Katie went out of her way to accommodate me and my time. Which is extremely valuable to me with my busy schedule. Much appreciated, thank you.

    Salvador D.

  • We were denied mortgages twice, when applying for conventional qualified mortgages at two large national companies, although initial approval commitments were provided on each loan, while going through the process. Both Lenders noted our debt ratio exceeded approval authority. You can imagine, how hesitant and skeptical I was when Karyn contacted me, thinking oh my gosh another come on! Her persistency and guidance has finally accomplished what we initially wanted to do, lower our monthly outgo. Thanks to Karyn and HME I truly feel we are in a better financial capacity. In appreciation.

    Robert K.

  • Jess was always on top! Always kept us aware of the status and only reached us when it was necessary. Very pleased.

    Edgardo R.

  • Wonderful working with you Katie!

    Apolo B.

  • I've worked with 3 companies in the past for a refi and 1st home purchase and HME is the best so far. I would recommend this company to anyone. Joe Pickett was very helpful and knowledgeable through the whole process.

    Jensen C.

  • Gerald was very helpful in keeping everything rolling to ensure this got done since I had a challenging situation to work with.

    Joseph B.

  • Jessica provided clear and detailed refinance proposal options and found us the best possible rate that we could have gotten. She is very reachable and always willing to answer questions.

    Jeremy S.

  • Keith was excellent. Very easy refinance experience!

    Jason R.

  • The loan process was completed quickly and the overall service extended to us was excellent. Thank you Vince!

    Gordon R.

  • Keith and his staff were very efficient in helping us with the process of our loan. Keith was always there for us when we had concerns or questions with the process. Any updates were always communicated to us. Overall we were very happy with HME!

    Gavien M.

  • This process was so easy! I want to thank Gerald for always being available to answer all my questions.

    Keokilani K.

  • We received excellent service from Jacob. We are very satisfied with our overall experience!

    Justin A.

  • It has been a great experience. We're satisfied with all the help and support as we are first time home buyers. Thank you Brant!

    Florence M.

  • We are blessed and thankful that we met your company/team. We appreciate all your support and hard work regarding our home loan processing and making our dream come true.

    Rogelio R.

  • Our refinance process was simple and quick, saving us hundreds of dollars monthly, with no out-of-pocket cost. Brian was very quick to respond to all questions. Reliable service.

    Stephanie J.

  • We really enjoyed working with Katie. We will definitely be recommending her to our friends and family!

    Leimomi G.

  • Very satisfied with our experience working with Katie. She provided us with excellent service!

    Douglas G.

  • I was very impressed with my experience with HME. Gerald was terrific!!!

    Lisa Ann B.

  • Very professional and Sean made it a very easy process.

    Emma R.

  • Wendi, Thank you so much for all your hard work, effort and time which helped to make our refinance possible. You are greatly appreciated! God bless!

    Tiki S.

  • Gerald was very helpful and paid attention to my every need. I will defiantly recommend Gerald to my friends and will be sure to use the services again if I need to!

    Randilyn K.

  • Refinancing with Karyn was seamless, easily understandable and stressfree. She explained the process before we had questions. Exceptional.

    Natalie R.

  • Jessica did everything possible to ensure our refinancing of our mortgage was done in a professional way that made us feel safe and secure with her company. She went out of her way to acquire documents that were not readily available to us. She always kept in touch with us if there was any questions or concerns about the refinancing and to see how we were doing personally. Thank you!

    Jitsuo T.

  • Mahalo Joe. You have been awesome to work with and I will definitely tell people about you and the company.  Appreciate the info.  This has been the best ever mortgage company I have worked with.

    Duane P.

  • We had very challenging circumstances and Jordan Stallard & Hawaii Mortgage Experts met those challenges! I will be recommending Jordan to my clients, family and friends. Thank you for a job well done!

    Pamela G.

  • The communication was beyond reproach! Daniel immediately answered any questions I had about the loan process and provided valuable information as we moved through. His comittment and dedication were far above anything my wife and I could have expected! His customer service is a model for many to follow! It has been an honor and privilege to have associated and worked with Daniel Relyea!

    Jim H.

  • Excellent, service! Katie was very accommodating in meetings location. Professional in every aspect of her plantations. Very pleased indeed.

    George B.

  • Jessica Magee did an excellent job on our refinance. She made the process seem so easy!

    Angela A.

  • My husband and I have been fortunate and blessed to have worked with George Kumpis and his team at HME. They made the process of refinancing our home stress-free. George and Wendi responded quickly to any questions/concerns we had and always kept us well-informed throughout the process. Thank you again George for making this refinance easy and smooth. You always took the time to explain things which made it easy to comprehend. We will definitely recommend you and your team at HME to family and friends who are considering to finance or refinance a home. God bless!

    Setema S.

  • Dex has shown a professional and patient approach to a complex loan that succeeded as promised. He was in contact almost daily even weekends to bring us the information we needed to close this deal. In short Dex is the best! Mahalo, Mark MacKay

    Richard S.

  • Gerald Tandal did a great job of staying on top of everthing. I came in contact with Gerald about 4 years ago thru an e-mail. At that time I was having a hard time refinancing but Gerald stayed with me. He was concerned on how I was doing. Finally he was able to work out a deal where I was able to refinance at a good interest rate. Mahalo for all the hard work.......Peter and Barbara Mota

    Peter M.

  • This is the second refi I did in a 2 month period. The first one was expensive, difficult and very frustrating. Vincent was recommended to me by a friend. This experience was the opposite, affordable, easy and a pleasure. I am so glad I called!

    Sheryl L.

  • With my job I travel a lot . I found a house a couple days before I had to travel to Korea. Upon returning from Korea I was home only two weeks before I had to leave once again for the Philippines. With everything that I had going on in my life Joe was very understanding and he kept me abreast of everything that was going on. He was able to make this happen for me in just over a month. I say again, "Thank you Joe."

    Bartholomew L.

  • We as clients of Karen Kaina were so greatful for all that she did for us. She was on top of everything that had to be done. We will definitely be recommending her to our friends and family!

    Nelvin R.

  • Jacob was excellent! Very responsive and quick. We are very satisfied with our overall experience!

    CT G.

  • Sherri was the best I have come across in market in over 25 years. She works hard for her clients and has no problem going the extra mile to make sure she finds the best deal on the market for financing! Sherri will always be my choice if we sell and buy again in the next few years. Total Blue Chip performer!

    Stephen J.

  • Everyone we came in contact with was highly professional and efficient in their handling of our refinance. There was lots of Aloha spirit in all aspects of our meetings. The mobile notary was wonderful and so convenient. Overall, "excellence" is the best word to describe our dealings with Hawaii Morgage Experts and especially Jessica Magee, our senior loan officer. Mahalo nui loa!

    Naomi A.

  • I appreciated Anna 's kind, patient service. There was a lot going on at my end. We initially tried refinancing in 2013, but it turned out not to be the best time, so Anna contacted me again a year later, just before I was leaving for a long trip. Again, Ana was patient and kind, and we followed through.

    Martine A.

  • Great experience working with Ash and the HME team. He did everything he said he was going to do to meet our needs/goals. I would truly recommend Ash and HME to anyone who needs to refinance. My husband and I truly appreciate the time and dedication you have given to us. Thank you again! Our life will change because of you.

    Warlito S.

  • Hawaii mortgage experts, in specific  Mr. Dex Cajigal,  have done the best job my wife & I could have imagined!!!  He guided us through an intense & rigorous refinance that many had turned us away.  We can't express enough appreciation!!!  We highly recommend them and they are truly experts!  We can't wait to work with him again and plan on it very soon!  A strong Mahalo & deep Aloha!

    David S.

  • Thank you very much Dex for doing all the detail work required to close that difficult loan with Bank of Hawaii.  Mark and I appreciate your reliable attention to all those details, and your patience (greater than mine!) with all the delays and backtracks. The loan has funded and we're very pleased with the result.

    Rich S.

  • We received excellent service and are very satisfied with our experience!

    Bridget W.

  • I wouldn't hesitate to recommend your services as I was impressed with the service and quick response to all of my questions.

    Glenn C.

  • Sean was outstanding!

    Donald A.

  • Ash was very straightforward and honest throughout the entire mortgage process. He was a pleasure with which to deal.

    John W.

  • Sean was amazing! He helped us every step of the way and made refinancing stress free.


  • We were very happy with the level of service we have received from Sean. During the process of purchasing a property we hit a few snags along the way, however with help from Sean we were able to find solutions and accomplish the purchase.

    Joni M.

  • Sean Ryan is on it: thorough, helpful, and easy to communicate to. Would highly recommend, and will do so....

    David M.

  • They made promises that they kept! It is wonderful to be treated with such professionalism and expertise. We greatly appreciated it!!

    Courtney D.

  • Ash was excellent! I'm very satisfied with your service god bless to all.

    Jaimie L.

  • Katie was very willing to help and very patient with us during the whole process. Really helped put us at ease by explaining things for us and going over our various options.

    Martin H.

  • Our experience working with Gerald was excellent! He provided us with great service.

    Irwin S.

  • This was the easiest and most non-stressful refinance that I have encountered. Robert was very personable and called to make sure that everything was okay and kept me up to date with the whole process. He was able to work with my situation and provided me the best options!

    Kristy D.

  • Since I am working in Japan, I applied for the mortgage refinance via distance support. Gerald put together the refinance package with no problems at all. My wife, who was my attorney in fact, told me that Gerald made her very comfortable while assisting her through the mortgage paperwork process up to completion. If and when the mortgage interest rates drop to a lower figure in six months, I will ask Gerald to help me do rate reduction the VA loan refinance.

    Fernando H.

  • Daniel provided us with excellent service! He kept us informed from start to finish and we are very satisfied with our experience while working with him.

    Roy M.

  • Hawaii Mortgage Experts... is by far the best mortgage company I've had the pleasure of working with. Vincent Arquinez was very helpful and really worked hard to get my loan approved and he was always upfront and honest.

    Randy S.

  • HME helped me get a lower rate and put in more effort than my current lender (local bank) in helping to streamline the process for my particular situation. Tony provided me with excellent service!

    Alan L.

  • I had the best experience with Hawaii Mortgage as I refinanced our home. I wish I had gone with Hawaii Mortgage from day one. Sean Ryan is the best and he is awesome and would highly recommend him to family and friends. He has a lot of patience. He answered all my questions and concerns. Thank you so much Sean Ryan for all your help and very grateful!

    Allan P.

  • HME made our refinance almost painless. Tony, Wendi, you were knowledgeable, and professional in your jobs. Tony, we won't hesitate to recommend you should we know someone who might need or want to take advantage of the low interest rates.

    Milton B.

  • We are so satisfied with our experience with Jessica Magee! My first refinance with HME was a fantastic experience. I use them for all of my properties now, present and future.

    William P.

  • I am very satisfied and glad that I utilized HME, and I will definitely use HME in the future should I do any refinancing or purchase of another home. I will be recommending Brant to my friends and family!

    Eugene O.

  • Couldn’t believe how fast the process was. For the most part, very smooth transaction. We are very satisfied with our overall experience!

    Delphine P.

  • I was pleased with the service and how quickly we were provided with information on our loan. We thank you for that. Mahalo!

    Joel S.

  • Thank you Karyn and HME staff for providing us with fast service and wonderful assistance! Karyn is such a lovely person that helped us understand the process throughout the entire transaction. Once again-- thank you!! Job well done Hawaii Mortgage Experts!

    Fernando P.

  • Always there to answer any questions I have. Brant goes out of his way over and beyond. If Brant don't have answers he will find a way to get.

    James O.

  • Its amazing! Overall process is fast, no problem at all, Ash is very accommodating, kind, answers all my questions & concerns on time.

    Marilyn R.

  • Very expeditious, always easy to communicate, free of stress, execution of documents were always in a timely manner. I was always comfortable throughout the process. Thank you for this nice experience Anna Ibarra!

    Raymond M.

  • Brian provided us with excellent service! He stayed with it until the job was finished!

    Glenn S.

  • As always, Keith Mateo has provided excellent service and support in our refinancing needs and we will always consider using him for future refinances or mortgage needs! He is the best!

    Kenneth C.

  • I love Ash. He is uber-competent, very professional, very cool-headed, UNBELIEVABLY responsive and just all around EASY to work with. I feel like he is my own personal loan officer, one that I keep on speed-dial. You'd never know that he even has any other clients besides you. That is what I'd call the absolute height of "personal service". He does a GREAT job at what he does. And, perhaps best of all, he puts up with the crabby, demanding, self-important clients (like me) with pleasantness and a smile -- and I am sure I am not his biggest commission either! I feel lucky to have found him. I don't think I've worked with anyone since!

    Ava W.

  • I never met George until almost the end. Talking to him from the very beginning was such a joy and he has helped us tremendously. When we finally met I was very satisfied and he met all our needs.

    Idamae H.

  • We are very satisfied with our experience working with Jacob. It was a pleasure to work with such a professional team.

    Claudio N.

  • We are very pleased with the attention and level of detail our "loan officer for life", Ash Colter provided us during this process. We contacted him many times with questions and concerns and he was extremely patient in explaining the process and the sequence of events to us. It was a pleasure to walk through this process with him. Ash is super-professional and knowledgeable and I would recommend him to any of my friends if they get an opportunity to refinance their VA loan.


  • We are so happy with our experience while working with Joe. He provided us with excellent customer service!

    Charlene R.

  • We are very satisfied with our experience while working with Joe Pickett. Joe is very professional and always provides excellent service.

    Editha R.

  • We had to deal with a VA qualifications that seemed never-ending and Gerald was there each step of the way to move the process forward! We are very satisfied with our experience!

    Chayil C.

  • Sherri went above and beyond to secure the best possible loan for me and my family's new home. She was always professional, understood my needs and addressed my concerns. I will continue to recommend Sherri to anyone in need of a mortgage.

    Nephi C.

  • Keith gave us excellent service! He was easy to work with and made the process seamless.

    Deborah A.

  • I have been looking for a house here in Hawaii for almost 2 years, and I've had my fair share of loan officers claiming they're experts. Most never return my calls, others forget that I'm a client by sending me an email apologizing for replying late to questions I had asked weeks ago. Others, seem to pass me up do to my credit score, or some other reason. However, Mr. Vincent with Hawaii Mortgage Experts is the real expert in his trade, and has great customer service. I work in the health care field for the military, and customer service is vital to our daily operations. His caring nature, reflected what I wanted to see in my past loan officers. I linked up with him through my RA, and immediately I recognized his genuine nature of a humble man that meets our expectations with getting into a home. Overall, I recommend Hawaii Mortgage Experts to anyone looking for an honest, caring and reliable loan consultant. Atimua & Margie Migi

    Atimua M.

  • We are very satisfied with our experience while working with Katie Puzzuoli! Katie kept me updated on a daily basis regarding the status of our loan. I will be referring Katie to our friends and family for future loan needs.

    Jasmine E.

  • Brian was very easy to work with and provided excellent service throughout the process. This was the 2nd time Brian helped us save on our home and I am thankful the he was the one that answered the phone from the get go!!!!

    Troy W.

  • We were Extremely Happy with the Professionalism and customer service we received from Jacob and the team. Jacob and the team of professionals that assisted him made the home loan process very comfortable and smooth. So smooth that throughout the home loan process we felt as if we were not doing enough to provide Jacob with everything he needed but Jacob reassured us all along the way and eased our minds. We appreciate Jacob for all that he has done to help us have a home of our own. We are so Grateful!! John & Lina Jungblut

    Lina J.

  • Katie Puzzuoli was very helpful and easy to work with. Although we changed things around a little, she was always willing to help with other options. Would definitely recommend HME.

    Brian A.

  • It's always a pleasure to hear from Keith. He is so upbeat. We worked with him from the end of 2013 on our mortgage, then he kept up with our loan and notified us of a lower interest rate in 2014.

    Joseph T.

  • Jessica Magee was very helpful in the fact that she did all the work. I did not have too much equity but she worked hard finding a bank that would let me make a loan with them. I did not have to do much at all. Thanks Jess!

    Neal N.

  • We're very satisfied with our experience while working with Keith Mateo. My wife and I are extremely happy with Keith's performance. Words cannot explain the exemplary service Keith has displayed in acquiring our new home. His meticulous attention to detail far exceeded my expectations. He has a large network of business professionals and he was always in contact with the Realtor and people involved in my transaction. He saved me and my family an innumerable amount of money and prevented what oculd have been a stressful situation. As stated above, 'Words cannot explain the gratitude and the happiness me and my family are feeling.' Thank You & God Bless Keith from the bottom of our hearts.

    Gilbert P.

  • Jordan Stallard provided us with excellent service.  He was very caring, conscientious and excellent follow through. Always kept me updated. Went to extra lengths to ensure a successful closing.

    Linda A.

  • Sean Ryan provided us with excellent service throughout the loan process. We will definitely be referring him to our friends and family.

    Earl T.

  • Vincent was wonderful! He explained the escrow process to me every step of the way and always kept me in the loop with what was happening. He was very easy to reach and very helpful.

    Maria H.

  • Very satisfied with Vincent and the outcome of my refinancing. This experience was by far the easiest of my 4 VA loans I have done. From initial meeting to signing of my loan docs – everything was SMOOTH.

    Philip D.

  • Vincent Arquinez was very professional in all his dealings with us. He was also very patient in working with us on a long and convoluted multiple property refinance. Well done! I'd recommend him to anyone.

    Herman F.

  • Working with Vincent Arquinez at HME was an amazing experience. It had been almost ten years since we had purchased a home, and the previous purchase had been financed through a developer's recommended lender. Throughout the entire process Vincent and his team were engaging, communicative, professional, timely, and made sure that we were prepared with all the information and corroborating documents even before we needed them in order to speed the process along. I would and have recommended Vincent to friends and family. Overall a great experience that exceeded my expectations!!!

    Kiera V.

  • I was referred to Vince a little over two weeks prior to closing. He was able to get all of my paperwork switched over and a bigger credit than the previous lender I was working with. I ended up not paying anything out of pocket at closing!

    Samantha W.

  • Karyn was the "ultimate" professional! She was always in contact with us, letting us know what was happening and if we needed to do anything on our side. We consider her as "ohana". It has been our pleasure working with her and we hope to keep in touch in the years to come. Mahalo Karyn for all that you've done for us!

    Collin & Pam S.

  • Vincent did a great job, refinancing was very smooth. I was very satisfied with Vincent and I look forward to doing more business with him in the future!

    Michael N.

  • I am constantly impressed with Karyn Kaina's professionalism and positive attitude in walking us through the process. I highly recommend Karyn to everyone I know!!! Mahalo!

    Marty O.

  • Sherri was very professional in regard to explaining the terms and conditions of the contract. She broke down my options and monthly payments. We received excellent service from Sherri!

    Liang Y.

  • I’m very satisfied with the overall process. I’VE NEVER WORKED WITH ANYONE BETTER THAN VINCENT. CLONE HIM!

    Clifford M.

  • Sherri made the entire process very easy for me to follow and was always there to answer my questions. I will be recommending her to my friends and family!

    George H.

  • The service was excellent and processing was quick, that made me and my wife satisfied. All the questions that we had were answered so quickly. We will be recommending Jessica to our friends and family!

    Leonardo L.

  • Tony and Troy worked very hard to push this mortgage through. Between the complexity of our property situation, and the stringent qualifying hurdles in today’s refinance market, it was a serious struggle to succeed in getting finished. HME was there for us at every turn of events. I couldn't have made it without their tireless and cheerful efforts.

    Charlies R.

  • Excellent experience! Just provided documents and Steve did the rest. He was personal, honest, and competent.

    Antonio T.

  • Sean always made sure our questions were answered and addressed our concerns in a professional manner. He was very instrumental in helping us secure the loan and kept us updated at all times on the approval process.

    Theone T.

  • Katie Puzzuoli provided us with excellent service throughout the entire loan process. I am happy to refer her to my friends and family!

    Larry B.

  • Best and smooth refinance I’ve ever done. I highly recommend to all Veterans, families and friends who are doing or seeking to refinance. Sean did a great job in making sure that everything was perfect. I was able to see well at night.

    Hans T.

  • Tony always answered my questions quickly, clearly, and professionally and was there for me every step of the way in the refinancing process.

    Margi C.

  • Keith and his partners were extraordinary throughout our loan process. They were accessible, comfortable and very easy to work with.

    Rhoweniefel M.

  • Keith was very helpful, understanding, and patient with us. We will definitely recommend Keith to our family and friends!

    James S.

  • Sherri was so helpful in our whole buying process. She kept us updated and was quick to respond to any questions we had along the way. I am very satisfied with our experience working with Sherri.

    Shelly C.

  • Jordan was a professional all around. He returned our calls promptly, always kept in touch with us (even when there was a down time), always prompt when we had to meet with him, a very easy, friendly person to talk to, and he knew his "stuff" He was fantastic!!!

    Richard K.

  • Jordan was very hardworking and helpful in all phases of the loan process. I am very satisfied with my overall experience!

    Gary C.

  • When we finally got the VA to finance us, we thought we were finished with refinancing. Keith helped us to make our payment even lower than it was!

    Louis S.

  • George worked tirelessly for us. He went out of his way to assure docs got to us in an expedient manner, even meeting at locations that were conveniently close to my work place. He kept us in the loop always via phone, email and texts.

    Dale B.

  • Jordan provided excellent service to us. We will be recommending him to our friends and family!

    Melvin D.

  • Our experience with Mr. Pickett was a great one. His knowledge of the VA loan system is amazing and made us feel at ease during the entire process.

    Carlos D.

  • Brian made the whole process from start to finish very easy. He was always there to answer any questions I had. I was very happy with his service.

    Noa M.

  • I received excellent service from Jessica—she did a really good job!

    Gary D.

  • My financing needs were a little unusual in that I wanted to pay off my deceased husband’s loan with BOA, pay down the balance and finance the rest in a loan of my own. Jacob provided me with excellent service and I’m very satisfied with my experience!

    Lorell P.

  • I received excellent service from Jacob. We are very satisfied with our experience and will be recommending Jacob to our friends and family!

    Christy-Ann J.

  • Jacob was great and very serving. Jacob knew and understood the needs of my wife and me and did everything he could to make the purchase of our home happen.

    Bernard L.

  • The assistance that Jacob provided did not end when we first got the VA Loan to purchase our house. He contacted us when the mortgage interest was favorably low for us and we did not have to worry about all the paperwork. He took care of us and the process was very smooth. He's the consummate loan officer! Thanks, Jacob for helping us save some money again!

    Rebecca S.

  • George kept us updated and informed which we really appreciated! My sister and I were so very grateful that George remained with us and, especially, "educated" us on and thru the process. We feel, because of his example, HME is professional, reputable and a company we comfortably and confidently trust.

    Rochelle U.

  • Everything in this mortgage buying process with Jacob was excellent!! Jacob’s experience in this biz made everything for us as first-time home buyers go so smooth, we even closed early! I will definitely be recommending Jacob to my friends and family for future mortgage needs. Thank you very much Jacob Ordenstein and the rest of HME that made this happen, YOU GUYS ROCK!!!

    Henry C.

  • I am very satisfied with my experience working with Gerald. He provided excellent service and I will be recommending him to my friends and family members!

    Daniel L.

  • Gerald’s service was excellent. He provided me with daily updates and informed me of each step during the process. I will be recommending him to my friends and family!

    Sam C.

  • Gerald is an expert in his field. He is courteous, efficient, patient, professional and tenacious.

    Ann M.

  • I received excellent service from George! I will be recommending him to friends and family.

    Roland M.

  • My case was very complicated. Although I was awarded the house in my divorce settlement, my ex-husband refused to quitclaim the property to me so I had to take him back to court. As a result, my first appraisal and termite inspection expired. I was ready to give up many times because it felt like I would never be done. Tony encouraged me constantly and believed that we could get it done. I am very satisfied with my experience working with Tony. He provided excellent service!

    Debra W.

  • Dawn was friendly, personable, and flexible. I’m very satisfied with my experience working with Dawn!

    Adams A.

  • I am very satisfied with my loan officer, Dawn, and her team. They were very accommodating with our loan status and answers when asked. I will be recommending Dawn to my family and friends!

    Raymond D.

  • Ash Colter has assisted us with several home purchases as well as refinancing the mortgages; he has always been there for us without any hesitation. Ash goes above and beyond taking care of his clients. I will continue to have Ash handle my home purchase and highly recommend him to anybody getting ready to buy a home/property or refinance.

    Thomas H.

  • I was kept informed by Daniel and his team all the way through the process. I was provided with excellent service and will be recommending Daniel to my friends and family.

    Barbara B.

  • Dealing with a local agent like you really went fast and smooth. You did all the work and we only signed. No faxing. That was the fastest loan closing we ever experience and without any hassle compared to the other six we went through the mainland.

    Karen P.

  • Working with my loan advisor Joe for the past couple of years has significantly contributed to my family’s financial readiness and has always met our needs.

    Jorge V.

  • We received excellent service from Ash. This was a pleasant experience, working with you guys.

    William N.

  • Working with Brian has been a very great experience for my family and me. I live in California and for Brian to work with me to help our mom out has been amazing. I would recommend him and HME to anyone who may need a home loan or just a refinance. Brian was helpful in so many ways and I would not change it for anything. Mahalo Ka Kou Brian!

    Lucille B.

  • It always felt like Brian was on our side. He constantly had our best interest in mind throughout the process and provided excellent service!

    Lisa H.

  • Brant was excellent in handling our loan package and was a great pleasure to work with him. We will be recommending Brant to our friends and family! Much mahalo Brant!!

    Durwin T.

  • Ash's experience as a loan officer was obvious! He was efficient, succinct, and definitely had our best interest at heart. He made the process very easy and streamlined all of our involvement; minimizing the time it took us to complete loan application forms. He was ethical and was not at all resistant to the idea of our comparing of his product to that of a competitor. We highly recommend Ashley Colter and are confident that anyone who works with him will be similarly impressed.

    Bridget H.

  • We received excellent service from Anna. We will be recommending her to our friends and family!

    Kawailani T.

  • Ash was very helpful in explaining any questions that we had throughout the process. He additionally was very expedient and we believe provided us with solid expectations. We are very satisfied!

    Teresa M.

  • Ashley you’re the best! Very professional--thanks a lot for your help!

    Joseph S.

  • I am very satisfied with my experience working with George.

    Alvin P.

  • Ash Colter made refinancing my VA loan a painless experience. He quickly answered all my questions and assisted me in getting problems resolved with my former mortgage company. Ash is a true professional.

    Stoughton F.

  • Since contacting Mr. Colter, he explained the process to us and had made it simple and easy to accomplish with minimal time. The process took less time than estimated due to his efforts and our documentation completeness. He always informed us of the status every step of the way. Outstanding service and professionalism!

    Lawrence A.

  • Brant did a great job and kept us informed throughout the tough qualifying process. I would recommend him if you're in need of a new mortgage or refinancing.

    Nolan P.